Free Online Training

In July 2015, I began to hold monthly web conferences in order to provide free training to leaders and pastors both in ministry and in the marketplace.  This was inspired from my work in Romania as it became clear that many pastors do not have access to leader development training and coaching.  Some of these leaders are bi-vocational so I wanted to address issues that would relate to Pastors and Christian NGO leaders and Christians working in secular fields.

The content of training developed since 2015 derives from clinical and coaching experiences and conceptualisations going back to the beginnings of studying psychology in 1977.  Training I have recorded since 2012 includes a number of topics related to healthy living, leadership and relationships and you can find links to the videos here.

The monthly online trainings take place on the third Thursday of each month, from 12.00 -1.00pm, unless otherwise announced. If you would like to receive invitations to these trainings please email us at and we will add you to our mailing list.

Lead like the Good Shepard

In 2016, I began focusing on the model of the Good Shepherd in John 10 and have been developing the Lead Like the Good Shepherd teaching series. Most of these trainings are available on our Youtube Channel and under the Resources/Video section of this website.

I have been doing leadership development workshops throughout the duration of my career, but in the last few years have melded training with consultation that has yielded very effective team development.   You may explore training for your team from ½ day to several days by contacting us.  We will discuss your goals and present a plan for stand-alone training, consulting or coaching.

Training that is quite unique to our approach includes:

  • The Good Shepherd Knows His Sheep – Relationship enhancing skills derived from the goals and values described in John 10 with research validated content from modern psychology.  We teach how to maximize relationship capital in an organization.  David Benner writes, in The Gift of Being Yourself,that we cannot separate knowledge of self, God and others.  One cannot lead others authentically with insufficient, self-knowledge and knowledge of how to effectively communicate with and motivate others.   Knowledge of, and a vibrant relationship with, God, for a Christian, Leader defines self and how we relate to others.
  • Win Every Argument– Essential skills and self-awareness required to lead effectively when there is dissent or discord. Conflict management is a vital theme in our consulting work, as well my counseling and clinical work.
  • Leadership Psychosis – Cautionary tales about good leaders going bad with essential self and other awareness training to avoid career-ending common pitfalls.

Other topics in the Lead Like the Good Shepherd series include:

  1. The Good Shepherd Leads Through Common Life Stress
  2. The Good Shepherd Leaders Through Critical Stress
  3. The Good Shepherd Protects His Sheep
  4. The Good Shepherd Maximizes Impact while Keeping His Balance
  5. Thriving as a Power Couple in Ministry and Business

David Benner writes, in The Gift of Being Yourself, that we cannot separate knowledge of self, God and others.  One cannot lead others authentically with insufficient, self-knowledge and knowledge of how to effectively communicate with and motivate others.   Knowledge of, and a vibrant relationship with, God, for a Christian, Leader defines self and how we relate to others.


Psychology, Counselor, and Social Work Training

Eden Leaders Institute (Eden Leaders) has been training leaders in psychology, counseling, and social work since 1995.  We have graduated two to eight candidates a year.  All passed their license examinations and pursue the career path of their choice.  Eden Leaders contracts with Eden Counseling and Consulting (Eden Counseling) to provide Practicum, Internship, and Residency Training for future Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers as defined by The Commonwealth of Virginia Licensing Boards.

Eden Leaders Institute trains in an Integrationist Model incorporating research evidenced interventions in a manner consistent with and empowered by Christian Faith and Disciplines.  Students acquire clinical hours through face-to-face and Online service delivery.  Eden Counseling and Consulting serves all ages, ethnicities, and faith groups, though Eden Counseling is known as a distinctly Christian outpatient practice.  Students may see cash pay and Medicaid funded patients.  They are not eligible in Virginia to see most insurance funded patients.  To garner the requisite hours for licensure, Students participate in the Psychological Testing Program.  They conduct Diagnostic and Feedback Interview and administer psychological tests and prepare psychological testing reports.  This experience provides extensive diagnostic training, necessary to pass the state license examinations.

Residency at Eden Leaders Institute

Eden Leaders employs full time and hourly residents to provide flexibility of Residency engagement.  100% of all Residents who have completed our program have passed the Licensing Examinations.

Residents apply by sending a Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Intent, and Statement of Faith to or .  Eden Leaders and Eden Counseling serve a large number of clients and patients who seek to engage a counselor who is a practicing Christian.  As a Faith Based organization, Eden Leaders prefers to hire students with this orientation.  We serve a broad sector of individuals who identify with the Christian faith, and many who are not interested in integrating faith with psychotherapy.  We value having therapist whose backgrounds and practices represent the many diverse expressions of Christian Faith.

Eden Leaders has no budget other than the services contracted with Eden Counseling and the beneficence of Eden Counseling.  Therefore, all residents of our training program contract to serve for at least 18 months as full time therapists, or 24 months if they negotiate less than full time.  Their employment may be in either Eden Counseling or Eden Leaders Institute, depending on their need for debt forgiveness.  There is currently a debt federal education forgiveness program for individuals who work 30 or more hours for 10 years for a non-profit entity.   Eden Leaders provides this opportunity.