Coaching and Consulting: 

Intensive Assessment and Consultation

Introduction and Overview

When life brings transition, it is time to look for coaches and consultants.  Sometimes this happens organically through ongoing relationships.  However, Cutting Edge Leaders often hire coaches and consultants to assist in problem solving, transition, growth, and moving to the next level for self and organization. Intensive Coaching and Consulting with teams at Eden Counseling and Consulting is a unique, dynamic approach to personal and organizational.  Though Team Consulting has become an established methodology, it is still not commonly used, and until recently there has been no professional literature on Team Coaching.

Eden Leaders Coaching and Consulting Team Formed in 2014

For leaders and organizations in need of personal, professional or organizational assistance, the Coaching and Consulting Leader Assessment and Consultation team provides personal and organizational assessment with a plan for solution and growth involving the development and provision of the necessary interventions and supports to insure success.  First steps toward success often come out of the Intensive and ongoing coaching is available.

Intensive Assessment and Consultation Process

Coaching and Consulting Assessment and Consultation combines research validated tools and methods from executive coaching, team building, clinical and counseling psychology, spiritual assessment and consultation, spiritual direction, Ministry assessment and consultation, physical health, dietetics, medicine, and counseling and psychotherapy.  Referrals come to us from denominational and ministry network entities, business leaders, churches, colleagues and family members. The issues involved in referral include transition, rapid growth, stuck and seeking growth, disillusionment, and the perception that God’s will and call for the individual or organization exceeds what is currently being accomplished.

The Consultation begins with the initial phone or email contact.  Sufficient information is acquired to conceptualize the assessment.  A 2 to 5-day Intensive Assessment/Consultation is scheduled and staffed with the team. Participants complete published tests, online and face-to-face interviews, and comprehensive individualized assessment prior to the Intensive.

The Intensive is designed to assess what is happening in the leader’s life and the state of the Leader’s Team, develop a plan for solution and growth and take the first steps down a path success. The Intensive Assessment and Consultation is culminated at either the organizations site or at our offices in Norfolk, Virginia. It consists of:

  • Extensive evaluation including several validated tests
    1. Personality assessment
    2. Psycho-social assessment
    3. Spiritual life assessment
    4. Organizational assessment
    5. If spouse is a part of this a “marriage assessment”
  • An individualized plan that may include a number of components
    1. Individual consultation/coaching
    2. Spiritual direction
    3. Marital consultation/coaching
    4. Team consultation
    5. Executive coaching
  • Follow-up plans and assessment with the availability of additional Intensive Consultations as needed. Appropriate accountability is established within the family, church, denomination or social network.

Case Studies

A young executive in the health care industry had a skyrocketing career that hit some bumps when the company he had been with for over a decade was sold and restructured. He immediately found a new position, but did not experience the joy and fulfillment in the second job, which also restructured leaving him transition for the second time in two years.  He sought coaching and consulting in order to be sure he was on the right career track and could figure out why the second position lacked the job satisfaction that he had previously enjoyed.  There was significant conflict as he exited the most recent position.  The geographic moves were tough on her family and he wanted the next move to have a high probability of stability and satisfaction.  His confidence in his career path and his capacity to function successfully was shaken by recent events.

We conducted a three-day Coaching Intensive using the team leader, a psychologist who provided formal testing and extensive background exploration, an experienced trainer of executive coaches, and a coach who had extensive knowledge of the health field.  10 hours of discussion with the team leader brought significant insight into his personal motives, skills set, and growth required to be able to expand the kinds of leaders that he could comfortably engage as subordinate to him.  The outcome was that this young executive left with great confidence as to his career path with new insight into his unique strengths and weaknesses.  He was invigorated by the value of his own story; some of it was through really rough times in his youth.  He gained new perspective and vision as to how his life and experience could help shape his subordinate leaders and organizations. This individual required no follow-up coaching as he had a very strong support system in place.  He needed some new perspective and three years after the Intensive he is very happy and productive.  He attributes the Eden Coaching Intensive as contributing significantly to his development.

A dynamic and growing church had increased weekly attendance 10-fold in 9 years.  Everyone in the community and organization perceived that everything was going fantastically except for the pastoral team and elders (functional board of directors) who were stuck in conflicts that had kept them embroiled in two years of debate and negative interactions with the potential to split the church.  The Eden Coaching and Consulting team was employed to assess the causes for getting stuck, provide direction for resolution and coach through the initial phases of adjustment and transition.

The Team Leader met with the Elders 3 times and conducted individual interviews with each pastor in order to conceptualize and communicate the full assessment and intervention plan.  360-degree assessments of the three pastors and individual assessments of each of 7 elders were completed prior to the Consulting Intensive.  The Team Leader crafted the individualized assessment tool with input from the Core Team.  Elders and Pastors also took standardized personality tests (abbreviated DISC and Myers Briggs).

The Intensive took place over three days.  A 2-hour meeting of all participants was held to fully explain the assessment, the tools, the limits of confidentiality and the feedback that was to be given in another meeting of all participants.  A team of four consultants interviewed all elders and three select staff members (20 hours of interview plus travel, write-ups plus verbal communication with the Eden Team Leader and 2 Eden Team Meetings) who work intimately with the pastors.  Each individual received a verbal summary of their own assessment and had the opportunity to expand on their perspectives, concerns, proposed solutions, and personal feelings.  They were given the freedom to keep personal specifics confidential while giving permission for main themes to be shared with the group.

During the Intensive the Team Leader interviewed each of the three pastors individually.  Each one was provided a feedback from the 360-degree written assessments.  They received feedback from their personal assessments and engaged in two hours of interview describing their concerns, hopes, feelings and perceptions.

A final 2-hour meeting of pastors and elders at the conclusion of the assessment provided opportunity for summary feedback from the team, individual feedback of pastors to the team and processing the results.  Prior to this meeting the Team Leader with assistance from the team analyzed all written assessments and summaries of interviews into a document used to focus the meeting.  Out of the individual work with the pastor who had the most seniority, a dramatic announcement of resignation came.  This caught everyone by surprise, but was clearly the most effective resolution to the ongoing conflict.  The Eden Team helped establish a timeline for transition and provided coaching to the exiting pastor, supported by the church, as well as ongoing coaching to the elders and pastors.  The Team Leader assisted in church and community announcement preparation and the transition has gone extremely well.  The church has an ongoing relationship with the Eden Team and continues its dynamic growth, unimpaired by the leadership transition.

A team of 8 church staff came to Eden Counseling offices for an organizational intensive following six years of intense conflict.  A four member Eden Team was employed.  Individual assessments were conducted for each individual and marital assessment that was kept confidential for the Pastor and his wife who are both on the leadership team.  Though preliminary conciliatory plans were made, it was clear to the Eden Team that a very fragile truce had been formed.  A two-man team traveled to the church site within 4 months of the Eden Intensive for a second 3-day intensive.  The outcome of the second intensive was a distribution of assets and identity of the church.  The founding pastor and his wife left very excited with the freedom that they would have to develop ministry to leaders that they had been developing.  The remaining staff was excited about pursuing a vision that had some variation from the founder’s.  The Team Leader coached the founder and his wife for a number of months.  The newly established senior pastor consulted periodically with another member of the team.  Two years after the Intensive and Follow-up coaching the founder was very happy doing training and consulting and the church was thriving.